Freestyle Skating Links

For me, "Freestyle Skating" means: Slalom, Sliding, Jumping etc. on Inline or Quad Skates. The ones whith wheels, you know? Sorry, no Ice Skates or Skateboards ;)

This is a collection of links to show you what it is, how much fun it is, and to help you learning it. Enjoy!

My Favourite Videos

The Clopinettes' Gang

You can find the soundtrack by Akouphën here: iTunes Store

Catch Me If You Can... à Besançon

The Apache II

Tutorial Videos

Grapevine by Naomi Grigg

Soul Slide Tutorial by "Pride Crew" (More Slide Tutorials)

Web Sites

World Slalom Series, information about Freestyle competitions

Cris Pers' Blog, a slalom skater from Barcelona English

Megan McIntosh's Blog, a slalom skater from the USA, now living in Belgium English

RollerEnLigne, news about all kinds of skating from France Francais English

Kompakombo, I don't know what "Kompakombo" means, but you will find many nice slalom trick videos there... :) Francais English

Grant's skating page, many slalom tricks here, too! English

Vincent Vu Van Kha ("Vinz") Francais English

Skatefreestyle / Naomi Grigg English

Warning: Personal opinion There used to be quite a few internet forums about skating and freestyle. Some of them still exist, and if you invest lots of time and search for old articles, they are very interesting. Unfortunately, there are only two forums left over (again: My personal opinion!) in which people still write interesting articles, reports, opinions etc. and they are Rollerclub Forum and Gava Freestyle Forum. Unfortuantely, both are not in English, but Russian and Spanish instead, and if you don't understand it, it's even hard to understand with translation services ;) But they are both worth checking from time to time!

What about Freestyle in Bremen?

Check out the Battle Bremen home page in case you missed this Freestyle event ;)

If you are living in Bremen and want to learn Freestyle, check the Hochschulsport page if there is a course with me ;)

Jochen's slalom spots are here English

Other, older stuff by me ;)

Jochen on skates! Yup, that's me. :) Deutsch

IFSA finals 2007 at Gessate/Milano, Pictures and videos English

Battle UK II - Attack of the cones

Some pictures of my travelling and the competitions English

A short movie of the Streetskate and Slide competition on Sunday

Also available on YouTube. English

PSWC 2008 Womens' First Runs

Pictures are here. English

A short video on YouTube. English

IFSA World Cup 2008 at Gessate/Milano

Videos of the first runs in the womens' Freestyle Slalom competition. English